Why Choose a Professional?

Sound equipment can be purchased by anyone. The internet and the influx of grand-scale music equipment stores have leveled the playing field for consumers and their budgets. Counter-intuitively, this has dramatically amateurized the industry as a whole.

All professional audio equipment is made for a specific purpose, and your venue is a very specific purpose. The correct match of a tool to its application is the cornerstone of audio success.

That being said, the accurate reproduction of the spoken word is the signature of correct design. Accuracy in both timbre and time are required for the listener to focus on the orator rather than how he or she sounds through the system.

Going further, immersing the entire audience evenly in that accurate sound is the goal to which we aspire. Every one of very many decisions matters. Let us speak with you, determine the acoustic response of your venue, and provide a solution that works the first time.

After the roof is up, the seating installed, the temperature controlled, and the lights turned on, most people come to church to listen.