iRule Home Automation Installation and Service

iRule home automation will free you from the pile of remotes

Why iRule Home Automation?

Your iRule home automation installation will finally free you from the pile of mixed-up remotes!

There are many different types of universal remote controls with different types of buttons. The most basic remotes have hard buttons much like a basic remote that comes with electronic components. Some have a color screen with labels next to the designated hard buttons. Many of us have 3, 4, or … 9 of these various remotes sitting around our house to control different appliances such as our TVs, DVRs, stereo systems, thermostat, lights, blinds, you name it.

High-end remotes have touch screens and these are definitely the best remotes. The touch screens can be highly sophisticated with pictures and graphics to guide you through your options for components. They offer the most features and are the simplest to use for you, your partner, your guests, even (or especially!) your kids.

As you might expect, these touch screen remotes are also the most expensive, often costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to purchase and install… Until now.

iRule Home Automation Saves You Money, Space, and Time

iRule is a home automation system that turns your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android™ smartphone or tablet into a custom, powerful touchscreen universal remote control. It can control stereo and audio/video equipment, home theater gear, lights, drapes, fireplaces, thermostats, and more.

With a professional iRule installation you can easily control all your home electronics. Your remote can be as simple or as sophisticated as you wish, because you customize the screens and buttons to your liking.  The iRule system gives you the most advanced universal remote control available, on the smartphone or tablet you already own – saving you hundreds of dollars!

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