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Robert Mark Audio is a full service audio visual systems and multimedia integration company providing solutions for sound, video, two-way radio, and IP camera surveillance, serving the Buffalo NY and WNY areas. We specialize in sound systems for churches and retail settings.


Live Streaming Systems

To help you stay connected with your community, we offer live streaming solutions for all applications — stream directly to your website or to your social media accounts. From scheduled cameras that take care of themselves to full production environments with PTZ robotic cameras, graphics, and overlays, let us get you online today!

We work with the latest and most sought after technologies including PTZoptics, Sling Studio, Angel Cam, VMix, OBS, and Dahua.

Call us today at (716) 481-7023 to find out how you can get your services and events streamed live!

Audio Visual Systems

Our audio visual systems — from the smallest office to your favorite mall stores, to the largest churches and auditoriums — give you articulate and natural sound while preserving the aesthetics of your room. We realize the importance of making your new sound system blend in with the existing architecture of the space, and we design our sound systems and media installations accordingly. Listeners should notice your sound quality, not your speakers and cables!

Portable Public Address (PA) Systems

For applications that require a standard public address (PA) system, we rent portable PA systems and wireless microphone systems for small to large events, which may include plays, picnics, parties, corporate events, classes, conferences, and more.

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