Buffalo Audio & Video Systems Experts, Specializing in Church Sound Systems

Discover our expertise in live video streaming solutions tailored for church services! Reach out to us at (716) 481-7023 for further details.

Robert Mark Audio is your comprehensive audio visual systems and multimedia integration provider.  Serving the Buffalo NY and WNY regions, we offer solutions encompassing sound, video, two-way radio, and IP camera surveillance. Our specialization lies in crafting top-tier sound systems for both churches and retail environments.


Live Streaming Systems

Stay effortlessly connected with your community through our comprehensive live streaming solutions tailored for any purpose. Embracing the forefront of technology, we provide cutting-edge solutions to meet your streaming needs.

Seamlessly broadcast to your website or social media platforms with ease. Whether you need hassle-free scheduled camera setups or full-fledged production environments equipped with PTZ robotic cameras, dynamic graphics, and captivating overlays, we have you covered.

Contact us today at (716) 481-7023 to discover how you can elevate your services and events through live streaming.

Audio Visual Systems

Experience crystal-clear audio with our exceptional audio-visual systems tailored to fit spaces of all sizes, from cozy offices to bustling retail shops, to expansive churches and auditoriums.

Our solutions provide clear, natural sound while seamlessly integrating with your environment’s aesthetic. We understand the significance of harmonizing new sound systems with existing architecture, meticulously crafting designs that enhance both functionality and visual appeal. Say goodbye to bulky speakers and tangled cables and let your audience immerse themselves in superior sound quality without distraction – because the focus should always be on the experience, not the equipment.

Motorola Two-Way Radios

Empower your business and elevate your communication infrastructure with Motorola two-way business radio systems tailored for retail, security, and institutional settings. From seamless staff coordination in dynamic retail environments to robust security protocols in higher stakes situations, our solutions ensure reliable, instant communication at every turn.

Portable Public Address (PA) Systems

Make your event heard loud and clear with our portable PA systems and wireless microphone rentals tailored for events of any size, from cozy gatherings to sprawling conferences. Whether you are hosting a play, picnic, party, corporate event, class, or conference, our versatile equipment ensures every word reaches your audience with crystal clarity.

Don’t let sound quality be a concern – call us today at (716) 481-7023 to rent from us and amplify your message effortlessly.