Performance Audio

The Approach

The whole idea is to allow your production to unfold as you envisioned it with the audience clearly hearing it.  We pre-program our consoles to follow script cues and scene changes and of course we monitor and operate the console live for the duration of the production.  Thus, there is no need to turn transmitters on or off or worry about behind-the-curtain conversation.

Dramatic set and lineup changes are flawless and repeatable.  Further, we employ the leading edge of technology that allows us processing power unimaginable just years ago.  What this means for you is a stress free environment where you may focus on the performance.

Theater group performing a play

The Gear

Wireless microphone systems:

We run dozens of wireless systems simultaneously to cover every application.

  • Wireless earset (headset) microphones
  • Wireless lavalier (lapel) microphones
  • Wireless handheld (announcement, vocalist) microphones
  • Spares — We have emergency spare systems on stage and at the ready for the unforeseen
Wired microphones:

Our microphones are a mixture of world-standard gear and proprietary technology.  With them we cover singers, emcees, choirs, large areas,
lecterns, and more with unparalleled precision.  

  • Floor (flat, boundary) microphones for group pickup and recording
  • Hand-held (singing) microphones, dynamic and condenser styles, all industry standards
  • Choir microphones, both overhead and stand mounted, pickup for large areas with uncanny accuracy
  • Lectern (miniature gooseneck), sleek design with minimal appearance for stationery speech reinforcement

Inputs are provided for all modern media sources (laptop, phone, mp3, etc) for backing tracks, scores, etc.  Monitor speakers are provided for those on stage. The mix to the stage is independent of the house and as such the performers may hear, say, a guide track while the audience hears just the backing track.  Of course it is possible as well to match the monitors to the house.


Our system cores are completely digital and wireless.  As such our engineers require zero audience space.


From stage to balcony we offer a complete and time-aligned reinforcement solution.

  • Stage monitor speakers.  Any size from micro 4″ speakers to kilowatt towers.
  • FOH (‘Front of House’).  These are the speakers that cover the audience.  We offer multiple zones of main speakers so we can divide the seating into front, mid, rear, balcony, overflow, etc. zones and therefore cover the venue entirely and evenly.  All zones are time-aligned and independent to assure the highest level of intelligibility.  The speakers themselves are aesthetically discreet and among the most efficient in the world.

We provide wireless radios with earsets for personnel (Director, Assistant Director, Stage Manager, Audio, Etc.) communications.